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Established in 2008 T- Bulk mainly operates in the sector of carriage of goods by sea and in the shipowning industry.
The company can rely on more than thirty-year long experience of the Tirrena Spa Group it belongs to and has been able to establish itself on the market in a fairly short time thanks to its highly-trained and experienced staff reaching a considerable volume of traffic together with an increasing number of chartered and operated ships.

Thanks to strong relationships with other major international shipping companies T-Bulk is able to offer a large variety of competitive and flexible transport solutions with a constant and careful attention to the commercial and operating phases.

The daily contacts between the Italian and overseas offices of the Tirrena spa Group enables T-Bulk to satisfy its customers' needs providing them the highest quality of services in terms of international sea freight.

T-Bulk provides its services through owned ships  or ships chartered from major Shipowners.
We mainly deal with the following cargoes :
  • marble and granite in blocks
  • iron and steel products such as coils, pipes, billets, wire rod in coils, plates sheets, rails, etc
  • forest products, soft sawn timber in packages, logs
  • bulk cargoes(grain, agriproducts, fertilizers, bauxite, coal, etc)
T-Bulk offers a wide range of sea transport solutions on a worldwide basis  with particular attention to the following routes: 
  • from South America (Atlantic) to the Mediterranean and north Europe and vice versa
  • from South America (Atlantic) to Mexico, USA Gulf and USA east coast and vice versa
  • from the Black Sea to India and Persian Gulf and vice versa 
  • from India to China and vice versa
  • from northern Europe and Baltic Sea to India and Persian Gulf and vice versa; 
  • inter-Mediterranean routes